Recover files from your Apple device


  • Transfer and backup Apple device files to your PC
  • Save transferred photos in various image formats
  • Specify a file on your PC to transfer files


  • Can't always find your Apple device

Very good

GizmoRip is a useful desktop app that lets you backup the files on your Apple devices onto your PC.

Losing data on your PC due to a hard drive failure can feel overwhelming and catastrophic. Fortunately, GizmoRip can help you transfer files from your iPod, iPad and iPhone back to your PC in the event of a crash.

GizmoRip is a great resource that helps you recover audio and video files off your Apple device. Just plug in your device to your PC, locate it on GizmoRip's interface, and start transferring. GizmoRip also offers playlist support, so you can import Apple device playlists straight into iTunes

In addition, you can also recover digital photos. GizmoRip lets you choose to transfer these images onto your PC as PNG, JPG, TIF, BMP or GIF files, as an added convenience. Everything from comments, ratings and metadata can also be transferred.

Although GizmoRip is a pretty solid program with a sleek but simple interface, the app can't always find your Apple device. If this is the case, unplug it from your PC, then try plugging it in again. The process can be frustrating though, to say the least.

The trial version of this app limits users to 10 tracks per batch transfer.

GizmoRip is a great tool to recover music off your iPod, iPad and iPhone in the event of a PC hard drive crash.




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